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Welcome to our Window Blinds Software Website - Blinds Pricing

Blinds Pricing Domestic Pricing of Blinds
When a domestic customer is being measured for blinds at their home then the Price of the blinds is made between the Measurer and his guidelines set by the Blind Company he works for. As pricing blinds can be complicated due to the variety of materials and the type of blinds in all cases a good Salesmen come Measurer would adhere to the guidelines given to him by the company he works for.

Lets take an example of pricing relating to Vertical blinds. We can see from Joe's order that the customers 1st blind measures 26 1/2 inches wide by 40 3/4 drop. To accertain the price Joe now requires the customer to give him his requested fabric that will make up his blinds. The customer agrees on the swatch white aurora which Joe knows from his price list is a band or group A.


Joe's Domestic Price List (cut down version)


Joe now quickly looks at his price list for Domestic or Retail customers and concludes that the nearest price on the table above to price Joes blinds size 26 1/2 inches wide by 40 3/4 drop is 36" wide by 48" drop. The table shows Joe that the closest price for this size of blind and Fabric grade is £31.00.
Joe continues to look at the tables for all blind types and sizes and comes up with a final Job Price of £240.
Desktop Blinds
will allow the Domestic customers price to go through the system from the price entered in on the Estimating Form by Kate. Joe sets the price and this is recorded on the Estimating Form in Desktop Blinds. A delivery note or Invoice can be printed for the Domestic customer if required. Desktop Blinds will check Joes price and will indicate in Order Processing whether Joes price was up or down from the Price list. Shown Below. is a typical Domestic Invoice.
A Delivery note can be printed at any stage as well as a Invoice. Desktop Blinds has built in price tables for Domestic, Trade and Wholesale customers. TPM Software can supply Spreadsheets for Businesses just starting out or require a electronic pricing and costing system. Costing methods are used in the Spreadsheets to let the Company be aware of its profit on each type of blind. See example below.......


All Costing and Price tables can be purchased from TPM Software saving you Time, Effort and Money making your own up. See Spreadsheets
Blinds Pricing Trade & Wholesale Pricing of Blinds

When a Trade Customer buys from your company they expect a discount on their order. Desktop Blinds does this by using a different costing table as shown below

Joe's Trade Price List (cut down version)


Now Joe would quickly look at his price list for Trade customers and concludes that the nearest price on the table above to price Joes blinds size 26 1/2 inches wide by 40 3/4 drop is 36" wide by 48" drop. The table shows Joe that the closest price for this size of blind and Fabric grade is £10.00

The sales invoice would show the Trade Customer Blinds by Individual price.
TPM Software have Costing and Pricing Excel Spreadsheets for most types of blinds.
The Pricing Spreadsheets allow you to adjust the prices as component and fabric costs change. Thus giving you
up to date pricing elements with no fear of under or over pricing. Our spreadsheets start from £2.50 upwards.

Check this out on our webpage at Blind Pricing Spreadsheets

Sage Accounts is Fully Integrated with Desktop Blinds Estimating Module & Order Processing.
Microsoft Excel accepts exporting with Desktop Blinds Modules.
Pocket PC Integration, Automatic Website Leads from Shops or Area Salesmen

You won’t find any Blind Making Software better or cheaper!
Prices range from £49 to £150 per year per Module

Contact us now for a quote or to have your Blindmaking Software Demonstration or Installed via the Internet.
NEW MAY 2016 iPHONE and iPAD measuring & fitting modules with links to Leadsheet.

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