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Welcome to our Window Blinds Software Website - Deposits Domestic

Deposits Domestic
 Joe measures Mr McAuley’s blinds in Springburn and fills in the estimating form with the correct blind types and sizes. He already knew from the estimating form, filled in by Kate, where the blinds were located and type of blinds. Joe agrees with Mr McAuley on material selection and price. Joe fills in the Estimating form with the correct blinds details and prices. Joe and Mr McAuley agree on a total price of £240 with a deposit of £140. Jo gives Mr McAuley a receipt for the deposit quoting the Estimating number on the receipt and signs and dates it. Joe heads back to the factory.

Back at the office Kate now has Joe’s Estimating Form and now continues to
take all deposit monies from Joe allowing her to record them in the TPM Estimating form. Kate simply looks at the Estimating number and finds it in TPM using the Find buttons at the bottom of the form. She finds Mr McAuley’s Job by pressing the find by Lead No.
Kate then fills in the Sold Price, Deposit, Deposit Date and Deposit Method. This is in effect the Blind Companies Cash Book.......
At the end of each day Kate prints off the daily deposit takings for Cash, Cheque,
Credit Card, Debit Card and Purchase Orders.
Vat can be adjusted to any value at print time.

Kate now passes the Estimating form to Kim in Order processing.
Kim looks at the forms and starts entering them into Blind Maker Order Processing.

Sage Accounts is Fully Integrated with Desktop Blinds Estimating Module & Order Processing.
Microsoft Excel accepts exporting with Desktop Blinds Modules.
Pocket PC Integration, Automatic Website Leads from Shops or Area Salesmen

You won’t find any Blind Making Software better or cheaper!
Prices range from £49 to £150 per year per Module

Contact us now for a quote or to have your Blindmaking Software Demonstration or Installed via the Internet.
NEW MAY 2016 iPHONE and iPAD measuring & fitting modules with links to Leadsheet.

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