Blindmaker Trade Orders preloaded with Amo Pricelist
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Blindmaker Module preloaded with Amo Blinds Stock & Cost Prices on Venetians & Roller Blinds

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The Blindmaker Module with Amo Blinds Pricing Methods & Stock is preloaded from Amo's 2012 Price List

Venetian Blinds Sales Order Processing

Shown Below are the Actual Software Screen Shots with no size reduction
VENETIAN BLINDS TAB (The tab used when entering the trade or domestic customers order)

Enquiry Form


1. Suitable for any Blind Making business that handles Trade or Domestic Orders
2. Built in processes takes the worry off key staff
3. Online Tutorial available at any time
4. Process and Price Orders more quickly and efficiently
5. Know how much profit
you are making and from which Blind Types
6. Easily identify recurring issues
7. Keep track of carrier
8. Automated process of
9. Customer Satisfaction
10. Training done online
11. Installation online
12. Up to 100 concurrent users at any one time
13. Better Quality Control

A description of the Venetian Blind Module user input fields and their meanings:-

  • Quantity The quantity of venetian blinds, usually defaults to 1 however if two or more blinds are the same then eneter that quantity B/R/O Type in B for Blindsize R for recess and O for outside recess
    Imperial or Metric
     Type in I for Imperial or M for metric
    if you had measured in Imperial then a blind mesurement might read width 59 0/0 and drop 66 3/4
    if you had measured in Metric then a blind measurement might read width 1500 and drop 1700
    Controls because the venetian module interphases with barcode software the following abbreviations are necessary for the control
    LL = Left Cord Left Wand, LR = Left Cord Right Wand, RR = Right Cord Right Wand, RL = Right Cord Left Wand
  • Double Glaze = Partition Knob Control Kit, Uniwand Control, Hold Down Brackets and Side Guides, all preloaded and priced as per Amos trade price list. This is classed as a additional cost.
  • Double Glaze

  • Slat Type = Amo Blinds Venetian systems are preloaded for you, all you have to do is input your trade discounts from Amo
    and then Input your expected uplift on the Amo Blind Range within the Slat Type Table. A Two Minute Job
    Slat Types

Double Glaze Amo prices are already preloaded into the venetian module with the various options from Amo
Slat Type Amo
All Amo Venetian Blind Types are preloaded into the Blind Maker Module as shown in the Slat Type screen shot.
Supplier not only can you setup Amo's Venetians but you can also add any other suppliers or even your own type of venetians
Trade Discount
many wholesalers will negotiate a specific discount on their Trade Price List. This option allows you to enter a discount given for each blind type and supplier
Uplift after deciding your discount you now have the ability to fix your uplift on this blind type which is effectively your gross profit on this blind

  • Colour = Amo's complete colour range is preloaded for you and the system carries Amos price bands. The stock module within the Blind Making module can be added to or colours can be deleted according to your own needs.Colours

Stock Records All Amo stock included in the stock control module. The stock control module allows you to enter any Slat Colour, Fabric, Components and any other item that your company may require to sell through either the Blindmaker Module or the Wholesale/Trade module.

  • The Stock module has all Amo's Slat Colours and product codes. Each Product Record is detailed and is also used by the Wholesale Order Processing Module especially for Components and ready made BlindsStock Record

All Amo stock records preloaded for you.

Stock Code Can be your Stock Code or the suppliers stock code.
Description Amos description of the slat colour or fabric
Category reports within the stock module can show all stock in Category order
Location if required a bin location can be useful when selling wholesale items
Supplier Ref used by the puchase order module to order components or fabric from a supplier using their reference number and not yours

  • The software comes with Amo Blinds Venetian Listings so you Dont have to enter any Amo Price, Slat Colour or TypeStock Record Slat Setup

Quick Find Buttons on the bottom of the Product Form will allow the Company to find any Stock Item Instantly based on:-
1. Price Band
is used to Identify which price table the software looks up. Preset for Amo Pricing
2. Description
is the fabric or stock description that you have provided.
3. Type Blinds is simply the Blind Type.
4. Material is your material description which may differ from your supplier

"In all of the cases above this has been preloaded for you regarding Amo's stock and materials and price bands"

  • Perfect Fit = The software has a Perfect Fit Price List Preloaded so that by checking out the Perfect Fit check box the software automatically looks up the perfect fit price based on the width and drop of the blind and adds this to the overall cost of this blind.Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Information regarding perfect fit blind type is shown on the purchase order if the blind is supplied by a outside wholesaler


Completed Venetian Blind Order = The Blindmaking Software now has all the details it needs to look up Amo's price list based on the Slat Type, Colour and any Colour Surcharges, Perfect Fit, Double Glazing controls and brackets, Mixed colours or any other special items costed for this blind. The example below shows the software pricing without additions like Perfect Fit etc. Order Processing

"All Amo's pricing conventions included"

Affiniti Venetians price lists for

16mm Sovereign
25mm Sovereign
35mm Alaric
50mm Alaric

Continental Ali Venetians price lists for
16mm Uni
16mm Special Effects
25mm Uni
25mm Perforated
25mm Printed
25mm Special Effects
35mm Wavy


  • A graphic explaination of how the software prices a venetian blind from Amo Standard Price






  • A graphic explaination of how the software prices a venetian blind including additions to the cost price Additions

Cost Price all cost prices are preloaded into the price tables which can be checked and changed by you at any time
Trade Discount
Like any wholesale supplier. Amo will negotiate with you a trade discount on their standard Trade Price list.
The software allows you to set different Trade discounts to different Blind Types and Sizes

Additions are mainly based on added costs from Perfect Fit, Double Glaze Options, Mixed Colours and Special Colours. All prices preloaded

  • Amo Blinds Pricing Tables a form which alows you to check or change any Amo Price that the Software uses for costings

    Price Tables
"Really Know Your Cost Processes which means that you have a handle on your Gross Profits "

Change your Amo Prices at any time through the Venetian Prices Control Form. Allows you access to all AMO'S preset prices
  • Automatic Purchase Order raised for Amo Blinds , no need to use any word processing software again.
    Purchase Order

Print Purchase Orders instantly print a purchase order to Amo Blinds with all the necessary Information on it that the Amo Order Processing Team will recognise.


"Use Supplier and Employee Input to Design processes"

  • Work Ticket for a Venetian Blind created by the Blindmaker Module


Print Work Ticket depending on the Blind criteria this ticket is printed for Packaging or Manufacturing of this Blind Type


"Use Technology to Support and Improve the Order Process"

Costing Options Included within the Blindmaker Module include:-
Partition Knob control Kit - £14.73 per blind, Uniwand Control - £5.67 per blind, Hold Down Brkts - £2.27 pair,
Side Guides - £18.13 per blind , Multi-Colours 10% and Colour Surcharges as appropriate

"Practice Continuous Process Improvement"

"The key to beating the competition and keeping up with the times is continuous improvement. The key to continuous improvement is to refine, redesign, and improve your processes while putting the customer first."
To Do - Evaluate Your Costing Systems against what you have experienced on this web page and Order TPM Software's Blindmaker Module To-Day
Terms of Sale
The Software will be downloaded onto your computer systems using teamviewer. This only takes 20 minutes of your computers time, depending on bandwidth, and is painless. The software can be used as soon as it is downloaded. It will be embedded with your Company Name and address details. A full refund, up to 30 days, will be available to any Company seeking a refund due to the software being mis-sold as per specification.
A full years telephone support and website support comes with TPM Software's Blindmaker program
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